Hello and welcome to the Fig

Spotted Fig is the kitchen diary of a curious baker.

Owned and operated by me, Amanda Isabel Bourlotos, this one-gal-show is part recipe journal and part (sometimes) bakery. I’ve been developing recipes, writing, photographing food, and selling baking supplies on the internet for over ten yearsCurrently I’m obsessed with crafting unexpected, seasonally-inspired desserts, sometimes with a Grecian feeling, usualy with Southern flare.

And it never get’s old, the act of spinning sugar into gold.
It’s some of the best everyday magic I know.

You may have stumbled upon my baked goods at Selden Market in the Fall of 2017, or perhaps I met you at pop-up events. Thank you for supporting my little pastry project. It was an adventure! I’ll probably share that story soon, but for now I’m back in my home kitchen developing recipes, experimenting, and writing.

So, yeah…the blog drops in 2018.
Bet you saw that coming.

Alas, I don’t have a bakery. Saving that project for my 40’s….well, maybe 50’s. (Okay probably never, tbh.) But you can follow me on Instagram to see what in the world I’m up to these days.

Collaborations are always welcome. I love conspiring with friends. Let’s make something delicious together.

In search of recipe development, writing, or food photography? Drop me a note.