Here we go. A list of hopes and pipe dreams for the new year. All food-related. Hopefully I’ll cross a few off and share the glory with you. If not, I’ll try again in 2019. Either way, welcome to the Spotted Fig notebook, friends. I’m very glad you’re here.


  1. Try one new recipe every week.
  2. Slow down and enjoy daily time in the kitchen, even if I’m just dumping a jar of Lidl curry sauce into ground turkey. (Which happens approx. 3-7 times a week.)
  3. Attempt to laminate my Grandmother’s refrigerator roll recipe. I don’t know, it just sounds like fun.
  4. Find or develop an exceptional gluten-free cake recipe that doesn’t need potato flour.
  5. Make multiple chiffon pies.
  6. Share an interesting, well-tested recipe once a month.
  7. Get in the frame, with the food. Self-portraits are cathartic.
  8. Make more soup.
  9. Make a Pavlova! I always want to do this and I never get around to it.
  10. Eat mindfully, which isn’t hard if I’m prepared. (See: #11)
  11. PREP GOOD FOOD every day. No more living on cold coffee and cereal.
  12. Stop drinking coffee.
  13. Stop eating cereal.
  14. Establish a satisfying morning food routine.
  15. Make homemade creme fraiche.
  16. Make homemade salt pork.
  17. Write about food once a week. Try not to edit too much.
  18. Try my hand at raw/vegan desserts. They’re beautiful and intriguing.
  19. Create some foodie cinemagraphs. I miss making those.
  20. Cook things I love whether or not the rest of the family will appreciate them. (See: #8)
  21. Chill out on the rice. It’s not doing me any favors.
  22. Eat at home. I already do this, but it’s a good reminder.
  23. Eat out sometimes. A treat is a treat.
  24. Write about my dumpster diving days.
  25. Stop incinerating hot pads, Tupperware, and dish towels on the stovetop.
  26. Work on photography skills. And would it kill me to break out the good camera once in a while?
  27. Make a large stockpile of custom salt, spice, and sugar blends.
  28. Work towards a unified presence online, whatever that may be.
  29. Organize the saved recipes on my computer.
  30. Start writing down our family recipes on cards and keep them in a beautiful box.
  31. Plant more herbs this summer.
  32. Laugh when things break, burn, curdle, denature, seize, crystalize, spoil, spill, or explode. Laugh a lot.